God Saved My Life, Literally!

Two years ago in July, I was crushed by a drunk driver. My left eye was popped out of socket, my jaw bone was broken and my scalp was open to the bone. I flew into Chicago by helicopter where I flat-lined and was brought back to life by the power of God. Doctors thought that I would never look nor be the same again, they also thought that my brain would be damaged. I remember times people counted me out and others would laugh at me in public. I use to hide my face and eyes behind the sunglasses and I hated them, until I remember to not be ashamed of how I looked because God was making me all over again, from the inside out. Everyday I feel the power of God's hand moving with healing in my life. I accept the calling to preach the Gospel in the midst of pain. I am forever grateful, there is Power in the name of JESUS!! 

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Thanks to @michael_butta_watson for this awesome life changing testimony.