A Former Stripper who found Christ (Stripper to Saint)

I started dancing at the age of 25 and it honestly just kind of fell in my lap. I was visiting family in Jacksonville, Florida and we were headed out to what I thought was going to be a normal night out until we pulled up to “The Trap” (night club). That’s the night it all started. I was at a place in life where sin had truly consumed me and to be completely transparent, I thought this life was normal. Getting high was normal. Drinking was normal. Everybody was doing it. I actually didn’t want anything else. The girl who had been made fun of, singled out and picked on all of elementary, middle and some of high school had finally found something she was good at. I never told a soul the things I use to go through at school. I was born and raised up in the church and attended the same church from birth until I was old enough to make my own decisions. I then became a ‘holiday saint’, only attending on holidays. I’ve always been able to hear a voice that would show and tell me about different things and people. ‘Don’t go out tonight’, ‘You need to leave this party now’, ‘Don’t dance at this club’, ‘This guy is no good for you’ among other things. This voice would show me accidents and other things. Always had the gift of Prophesy and didn’t know what it was until three years ago. I tried to escape this voice but I just couldn’t shake it! The clique of friends I hung out with were the same group every time; we had built a bond. All of us were attracted to the same thing, money. I would dance discreetly for the most part because inside I was a little embarrassed. For one, it wasn’t ‘popular’ so people stuck their noses up at you and besides that I had a full time job in corporate America and I surely couldn’t let them find out. Monday through Friday I would work a regular eight to five job and on the weekends and holidays I would be in the strip club in Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville or anywhere in between.  Most nights I would pair drugs and drinking with Ecstasy better known as ‘X’.  It would be anywhere from 4 to 6 pills a night some nights. Believe it or not, The Lord would speak to me even while I was high. It’s like; I couldn’t get this voice to leave me alone. February 16, 2006 my then six year old nephew (who was like my son) was brutally beat by his father and he died.  At his funeral the Pastor said to the congregation “Don’t let this child’s life be in vain. Is there someone here today?” I knew he was talking to me but I couldn’t move. I will never forget those words or how cold my nephew’s body was when I leaned to kiss him at the morgue two days before the ceremony for as long as I live. My life has not been the same since. Now don’t get me wrong, I backslid twice but The Lord wouldn’t let me stay there. Jesus began to deal with me more heavily and these vivid visions and dreams began to become clearer and now not only could I see real life situations but I could see faces of real people. Suddenly, dancing was not as fun as it once was. The money had dried up in the clubs that I worked at for the last four to five years. I had the urge to go back to church and it’s all I could think of. I didn’t want to be around my circle anymore. Something started to turn in me and I would have thoughts that made me feel there was something more to life than to wake up, get the kids dressed, send them to school, come home, cook and then do it again the next day. Over the next several years I started to fill my spirit with the word of God. I found myself wanting to be surrounded by Prophets and Prophetic faith teachers. I now believed God for impossible things that he would manifest. He birthed my first book ‘like the woman at the well he waited on me.  A true story of a sinner turned saint’ which was published on Amazon and was recently made
available on the shelves of Barnes and Noble. He then birthed a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization entitled Gods Servant Empowered Me Inc where I am a Life Coach, Public Speaker and a mentor to many. He then birthed my new book Audacious Faith. He has opened the door to countless publicity interviews, opportunities and resources. It was a challenge when I truly made up in my mind that my past was just that, my past; because satan knew that the relationship between he and I was over. I just kept reminding myself that God makes no mistakes. The easiest way to break free from the old to embrace the new is to let go completely. Straddling the fence won’t help.  I’m sure there are some that say that I’ve changed or that I am different and to that I say Glory be to the most High God. He has done great things. To contact me, please send a message through my website www.gogsemi.com.  I pray this blesses you all the more to trust in him. Thank you!! 
Toccarra J. 

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