He was a Pimp and I was his Prostitute, we gave it all up for GOD! 

My name is Kiandre, I am born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Not New Mexico.. the REAL Las Vegas and so is my husband Chris. We have been married for a little over a year now. I used to DREAD "the question", that innocent conversation starter.. "Sooooooo, how'd you guys meet?" that question used to make me cringe. Sometimes my response would literally be "it's no romantic story" or just short and sweet like, he saw me walking and pulled over to talk to me" ...next question please... but truth is, he was a Pimp and I was a Prostitute and it was strictly business. He was my pimp and I was his hoe... This is our story.

My husband brought me to The Wynn/Encore Hotel and Casino to visit some family in town. Initially I had anxiety and flash backs of being here. My old life will haunt me sometimes when I go to certain places. Remembering and seeing myself walking through these halls, sitting at these bars, soliciting myself to men for money. My husband encouraged me that I am a new creation that's under the blood. As we walked, I saw an opportunity for a photo shoot "ayee!" So he snapped the picture on the right but when I looked at it, God brought the picture on the left. The picture I had was from a tourist that took it for me while I was "working" in that same casino a year before. And The Holy Spirit said "look what I've done, look at you now, look how far you've come! You are a beautiful and mighty child of God!" and that just broke me down. I mean, I was sitting at the machine crying and people walked by (probably assuming I had lot my rent money to that machine or something), within that moment I saw everything God had done for me so far. You might look at these picture and just see a change in wardrobe but look harder, God turned me around! He changed MY LIFE! I'm no longer that girl searching for my place and yearning to feel appreciated while making my life harder than it needed to be. During stormy times of weaknesses and strengths, I was serving the devil and thinking that "God knew my heart"... I should've been dead so many times. I literally submitted to the will of the Devils plans for my life, I was selling myself to men and buying the affections of Chris with the money I received. He was in the strip clubs almost every night trying to win the attention of other women who were like me, so he could convince them that giving him their money was the best thing they could ever do after selling themselves to men. He was abusive, manipulative, cunning, entitled and the list goes on. Somehow, I was in denial, insecure, depressed and greedy. We both drank heavily, I was addicted to cocaine and the likes. I did it all; escort services, webcam and out of state trips. The only thing I didn't do was strip, wasn't because I didn't try to, but by then I had already had several court convictions for soliciting prostitution and no strip club could hire me in Las Vegas with that on my record. I was addicted to ecstasy, crystal meth and cocaine. My husband was an alcoholic, he was abusive, controlling, manipulative, a player that worshiped the lifestyle and glorified it. We had a love for money that blinded us also, the lifestyle made monsters out of us! I mean really, we thought we were living the life and everyone else was beneath us, the nerve huh? No one could tell us anything, if you weren't "gettn money" like us, we thought you were "lame".

                           After some time, we started recruiting other women to join us and showing other men how to be pimps too. Truth is, we thought this was the only way we could make it and surely, we had nice things that came with the lifestyle. We could afford to shop anywhere we wanted everyday, eat anything we wanted, we lived in luxury homes, droves nice cars, heck, we could pay other peoples bills. As much as we were living the life, for that money I had to see many things that can, memories that was never erased from my past times in hotel rooms, homes and cars of men, now I have nothing to show for any of that today... nothing but bad memories. Everything we had, seemingly slipped right through our fingers as fast as it was placed there. Nothing was ever really ours, we possessed these things but it was all a vapor.  I have felt so much unbearable pain behind living that way. So many times I have caused others pain, wives have called my phone crying and begging me not to see their husbands and I thought it was funny.. now as a wife, I know. 

                               Looking back at our lives now, we have realized how awful we were, how far off, knowing deep down inside we could be different but we couldn't have done it without God and so, we decided to follow Christ. I married an "ex-pimp" and I look at him now and can't believe he ever was, he's so NEW! He loves the Lord and loves His Word. He loves keeping and obeying His demands and he's learning more about Him everyday. My husband Chris is GENTLE, I mean he's a completely different man! And it wasn't because pimpin' wasn't working, he had all he needed... My husband changed because he had an encounter with GOD and it literally changed his LIFE. We are soooo "taboo" as the world would say, LoL "you can't turn a hoe into a housewife" pffffft!! baby the devil is A LIAR, God did it to me! I was on COPS! The "HoHoHo Christmas Special Edition" I was out there not carin' about nothin! Now, I am a submissive wife and follower of Christ who is truly unashamed and in love with the Word of God. I believe with my entire being that God is Real and that He is waiting for us all to choose Him, I chose up! And I have an unbelievably incredible life today, to God Be The Glory!

                        We got saved in December of 2013 and never looked back. We got baptized and married on July 5th 2014, we are faithful church attenders, active members and we now serve in our church at Destiny Christian Center under the leadership of Pastors Robert and Sheila Poole. We love loving the Lord and also loving His people while growing everyday in the knowledge of Christ, this is our new life now, crazy right?  When I share my testimony, I sometimes can't believe that I'm talking about myself. I chuckle that I'm not telling an elaborate story or a movie I saw last Friday but... MY LIFE. I was brought through all that so I could encourage You. You out there going through the same thing or just completely defeated and off the path, YOU... It's never too late. You are never too messed up, God will make a miracle out of you too  because I'm not more special than you.  All you have to do is, be willing, willing to go through the life-long process! It's the best decision you'll ever make, I promise! If He did it for me, He'll do it for you too... just trust Him and He'll come though!! God bless!  ((Feel Free to Post your Comments Below))

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