I remember that night, running through the woods as bullets chased. The bullets coming from the semi-auto making loud chopping noises. I got into a place of hiding and able to call my wife Monique saying... "If I don't make it home, I'm sorry for everything and I love you" Only to hear her say " Whatever, stay with whatever woman you're with, all because she knows I'm an adulterer.  What about the night all I wanted to do was take a life? The night, I hung out a window with 2 glock 19s aiming to kill whom I disliked.
Yea, I remember it well. I remember them shooting back and the back glass of the truck I was in shattering as bullets hit. I remember the next day looking at a bullet hole where my head was.. "How did it miss me?" I remember the feeling cocaine gave me at the age of 16, the buzz I was getting as an alcoholic at the age of 17. I remember doing mollys 3 at a time, drinking lean by the 2 liter. The biggest thing I remember is God stepping in and speaking to me, giving me another chance, and a new identity. 
He delivers! He changed me! My life belongs to Him! 
2nd Corithians 5:17, therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature.

Brotha J 5:17