By Vasti Thomas
"My story is simple... I had an encounter with Love, loved women in my past days, funny using the word love but I never knew truly what love meant, God is Love; but when I say I loved women I loved their looks, the perverted attraction, it wasn't real. I was searching for love in the wrong places and not really getting the proper nurture from home I searched for it in other ways and people but thank God for His grace and mercies because with having an encounter with Real Love, I was able to see the truth that He is Love and that I am valuable and the things we go through deals with the lack of knowledge of knowing who and what love truly is!!! I don't have opinions, I have the word of God and that alone has given me peace, joy and LOVE that I always was looking for, not in a woman and not in a man but now I understand who my TRUE LOVE IS.
God is a deliverer!! 
We pray that you were blessed and encouraged by this testimony.