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A former Model, Dated an Athlete, the Fast Life, but God said..

            I was raised very well. My parents taught me good morals and the importance of being a lady so I took that very seriously growing up. All of my childhood and through my high school years, being under their wings, I was taken care of in that regards. I stood firm on who I was and barely let anyone tell me otherwise.. but then I graduated high school and college came.

            I began modeling in college after being approached by a photographer (at the age of 17 my freshman year) that told me that I had what it took to make it as a model, so I listened. In addition to that, I joined a modeling organization that exposed me to other models where I learned how to “perfect my craft” and gain confidence with this new hobby that I picked up. I started taking this modeling thing very seriously when I realized that I could be paid for something so easy and that’s when my life took a turn.

Modeling turned me into a different person. I began hanging with a group of women that taught me that being vein and materialistic was the way of life. We were clubbing, in VIPs, loved nice cars and were around anything that shined. If you weren’t pretty enough, you couldn’t hang with us. If you were a man without some sort of status (athletes, entrepreneur, etc.) you weren’t good enough. This mindset molded me into a very mean, vein, selfish and materialistic person, all while I was getting deeper into my modeling career.

Casting calls were a big part of my life. I did sexy bikini calendars, sexy music videos, lingerie runway shows and more. If it made me money, I’d do it. Although I never took it as far as sex (and I thank the good Lord for that), I was taught that my body was my weapon, I can get whatever I want in this world with it, as long as I used it right. Sex sells, sex sells, sex sells, so go get sexy so you can get that money and attention that honestly, we all yearned for (whether consciously or subconsciously).

            Eventually, a little after graduating college, I decided to quit modeling to start a real career because I started feeling like something wasn’t right, I needed to stop this if I wanted a real career, HOWEVER, because I started my adult life the way I mentioned above, I truly thought that the mentality that I had was right so I still had to have the pretty friends, money, nice car, men with money etc. and there was no compromising. That’s what the world teaches us right?  I was what you would consider the modern day “mean girl”. I had MY wants, so I was granted my wish and was introduced to the man that I wanted with the nice car, his own place, ex player of the league making good money and he was an entrepreneur. In addition, I had a nice car, great job, the pretty friends, my own place, etc.. BUT I was still unhappy. I couldn’t understand it. I had all that I wanted so why am I not happy? I started feeling like something wasn’t right when I realized that I was in a relationship with the exact person that I THOUGHT I needed yet I was still unhappy.

So I switched it up a bit and started conforming to his lifestyle which is honestly what the world showcases as fun! I started going to strip clubs with him.. very often, I started smoking weed a lot with him, going out all the time to the point that I would go to work late because the lifestyle that I had gotten accustomed to. I wanted this life of sex, money and drugs so I can keep this man and live what the world says is “living the dream” but my solutions were not working. I would be happy in the moment but then, I’d go home or when alone, something wasn’t right; I was in love with temporary highs.  I even went as far as hiring a personal psychic because I yearned to be happy. In my mind, the celebrities do it so it has to work, they will know exactly what I need to do to get and stay happy, but I was wrong.

During this time, I went to church every now and then however, it wasn’t a part of my life but because of what I was going through, I decided to fast. I didn’t really understand what fasting meant but I told myself I’m going to do it with hopes that God would show up and clear some things up for me. I spoke to the Lord and told Him that He needed to answer several questions for me by the end of the fast or else I am going back to the same lifestyle (the nerve, lol). I told Him if He answers my questions for me, I will change my life for Him and give Him the glory; I had roughly about 10-12 questions written down and placed in my bible. No one knew these questions but me.

After a 30 day fast, what I thought was the unexplainable at the time happened!  On the Sunday that my fast was over, I went to church and ALL of the questions were answered by a Pastor. She randomly called me to the front of the church, by myself and started speaking to me.. for God. She literally answered every single question that I had written down (I had never met this lady in my life). I was amazed and beyond emotional when this happened. I knew I heard that God was amazing but I never understood to what extent.

Ever since that day, which was about 3 years ago, I dedicated my life to the Lord.. like forreal forreal!! I do not play about the awesome God lol. I broke up with my ex-boyfriend right after the fast, got baptized and let go of all of my old friends that I felt weren’t going to be good for me during this change in my life. I literally started my Christian walk with no-one but my sister who had been praying for this moment for years. The beginning of my walk was difficult but worth it.

Fast forward to today, I found my church home, made a great group of friends that the Lord blessed me with and I recently got married to an amazing, Christian, God given man! My husband and I did it Gods way, no sex nor kissing until we were married. I found my purpose which helped me start a ministry where I am teaching women about the Lord and the importance of valuing themselves through the Lord verses what the world portrays to be right. I have a YouTube channel that I use to communicate with my loves as well! Since I turned to God, I learned what happiness is! My entire life changed.. money, cars, sex, showing off my body and all of that MEANS NOTHING! They are temporary highs that get people nowhere. Nothing can ever compare to the everlasting love, self value and happiness that I gained through loving and dedicating my life to the Lord. It’s the best feeling and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


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God Saved My Life, Literally!

Two years ago in July, I was crushed by a drunk driver. My left eye was popped out of socket, my jaw bone was broken and my scalp was open to the bone. I flew into Chicago by helicopter where I flat-lined and was brought back to life by the power of God. Doctors thought that I would never look nor be the same again, they also thought that my brain would be damaged. I remember times people counted me out and others would laugh at me in public. I use to hide my face and eyes behind the sunglasses and I hated them, until I remember to not be ashamed of how I looked because God was making me all over again, from the inside out. Everyday I feel the power of God's hand moving with healing in my life. I accept the calling to preach the Gospel in the midst of pain. I am forever grateful, there is Power in the name of JESUS!! 

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Thanks to @michael_butta_watson for this awesome life changing testimony.

A Former Stripper who found Christ (Stripper to Saint)

I started dancing at the age of 25 and it honestly just kind of fell in my lap. I was visiting family in Jacksonville, Florida and we were headed out to what I thought was going to be a normal night out until we pulled up to “The Trap” (night club). That’s the night it all started. I was at a place in life where sin had truly consumed me and to be completely transparent, I thought this life was normal. Getting high was normal. Drinking was normal. Everybody was doing it. I actually didn’t want anything else. The girl who had been made fun of, singled out and picked on all of elementary, middle and some of high school had finally found something she was good at. I never told a soul the things I use to go through at school. I was born and raised up in the church and attended the same church from birth until I was old enough to make my own decisions. I then became a ‘holiday saint’, only attending on holidays. I’ve always been able to hear a voice that would show and tell me about different things and people. ‘Don’t go out tonight’, ‘You need to leave this party now’, ‘Don’t dance at this club’, ‘This guy is no good for you’ among other things. This voice would show me accidents and other things. Always had the gift of Prophesy and didn’t know what it was until three years ago. I tried to escape this voice but I just couldn’t shake it! The clique of friends I hung out with were the same group every time; we had built a bond. All of us were attracted to the same thing, money. I would dance discreetly for the most part because inside I was a little embarrassed. For one, it wasn’t ‘popular’ so people stuck their noses up at you and besides that I had a full time job in corporate America and I surely couldn’t let them find out. Monday through Friday I would work a regular eight to five job and on the weekends and holidays I would be in the strip club in Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville or anywhere in between.  Most nights I would pair drugs and drinking with Ecstasy better known as ‘X’.  It would be anywhere from 4 to 6 pills a night some nights. Believe it or not, The Lord would speak to me even while I was high. It’s like; I couldn’t get this voice to leave me alone. February 16, 2006 my then six year old nephew (who was like my son) was brutally beat by his father and he died.  At his funeral the Pastor said to the congregation “Don’t let this child’s life be in vain. Is there someone here today?” I knew he was talking to me but I couldn’t move. I will never forget those words or how cold my nephew’s body was when I leaned to kiss him at the morgue two days before the ceremony for as long as I live. My life has not been the same since. Now don’t get me wrong, I backslid twice but The Lord wouldn’t let me stay there. Jesus began to deal with me more heavily and these vivid visions and dreams began to become clearer and now not only could I see real life situations but I could see faces of real people. Suddenly, dancing was not as fun as it once was. The money had dried up in the clubs that I worked at for the last four to five years. I had the urge to go back to church and it’s all I could think of. I didn’t want to be around my circle anymore. Something started to turn in me and I would have thoughts that made me feel there was something more to life than to wake up, get the kids dressed, send them to school, come home, cook and then do it again the next day. Over the next several years I started to fill my spirit with the word of God. I found myself wanting to be surrounded by Prophets and Prophetic faith teachers. I now believed God for impossible things that he would manifest. He birthed my first book ‘like the woman at the well he waited on me.  A true story of a sinner turned saint’ which was published on Amazon and was recently made
available on the shelves of Barnes and Noble. He then birthed a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization entitled Gods Servant Empowered Me Inc where I am a Life Coach, Public Speaker and a mentor to many. He then birthed my new book Audacious Faith. He has opened the door to countless publicity interviews, opportunities and resources. It was a challenge when I truly made up in my mind that my past was just that, my past; because satan knew that the relationship between he and I was over. I just kept reminding myself that God makes no mistakes. The easiest way to break free from the old to embrace the new is to let go completely. Straddling the fence won’t help.  I’m sure there are some that say that I’ve changed or that I am different and to that I say Glory be to the most High God. He has done great things. To contact me, please send a message through my website  I pray this blesses you all the more to trust in him. Thank you!! 
Toccarra J. 

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From Having Sex to being Abstinent till Marriage

So going on dates, talking everyday and being in love just wasn't enough for my boyfriend Aderson and I. As we were falling deeper in love with each other, we were falling deeper in love with Christ. However, our relationship wasn't up to par. Like many of our peers we were having premarital sex and disobeying God's commands.  We knew it was a sin and knew we were wrong but somehow always found ourselves continuing. But God had other plans for our relationship. 

As time went on, we kept digging deeper into His Word and building our relationship with Him. Then things began to seem clearer.  Encouraging each other to read the bible, reminding each other to pray, praising and worshipping God together were some of the elements that helped bind our individual and collective relationships with God. As we were striving to live a life that emulated the ways of Christ, we knew that old things had to pass away in order for God to bring us to a new life in Him. (2 Corinthians 5:17) So we made the choice to give up sex with each other and vowed to live lives of #CELIBACY until marriage! While it is one of the hardest decisions we've ever made, it has truly been one of the most rewarding!

God has taken us both to higher places individually and collectively as we have remained faithful and obedient to Him. We even decided to provide a greater sacrifice to God by giving up masturbation because it was keeping us tied to our sexual sin and hindering our spiritual growth. Many people think we're crazy and say that they could never do anything like this. But we stand firm knowing that WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS US! (Philippians 4:13) Instead of following the ways of the world, we made the choice to follow Christ! There's no turning back now! GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN US, THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD! (1 John 4:4) Although this decision was manifested through the love we have for each other, it was 100% destined by God. We made this choice so that God could get the glory and honor that He deserves from our lives! So even though the love we have for each other makes the wait so worth it, "more than us being worth the wait Christ is worth our submission..." 

We would be so remiss if we didn't acknowledge that our journey to celibacy was inspired by the amazing, talented poet and YouTube sensation Joseph Solomon! His videos really helped to put things into perspective and seal the deal for us! Also, we would've never publicly shared this testimony if it wasn't for the encouragement from our brother in Christ and motivational speaker Michael Spence of! When he created his "Greater is He" t-shirts, he agreed to giving them to us only if we shared our testimony with the world. So that's exactly what we've done! We thank God for ministries and movements like One God United that have paved the way for us to be inspired by the power of someone else's testimony! We hope that we have inspired a magnificent  move of God too!
Feel free to connect with them on IG @sweetnspicyyy @addydoes
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Army Soldier "I tried committing Suicide, but God..."

"I tried committing Suicide, but God..."

My name is Maurice Wisdom Bishop and I am 28 years old currently serving in the U.S. Army, this is my story.

I was deployed in Iraq for 13 months and while I was there, a soldier in my unit shot himself with an M-16 and the 5.56mm round hit him in the quadrum of his heart and he died. I felt so much guilt because I was one of the soldiers who made fun of him and I blamed myself, I was very affected and hid my emotions inside.
After my 13 month deployment my former child's mother called me unexpectedly after 6 months of not calling me on Skype nor emailing me and told me my 1 year old son died, she never even told me about the funeral. I became angry and my heart grew cold and hard. I started having nightmares from my deployment and of my dead son, I could not sleep so I started smoking endlessly, drinking an overwhelming amounts of beer, brown liquor and wine just to go to sleep. That night I started was the night I became an alcoholic. I became reckless and violent and emotionally I couldn't function so the relationships I was in would always fail, I was also married and that ended up in a bad divorce. I didn't communicate with my family because I felt like they couldn't help me and I didn't get along with them, the feeling of being alone brought me to the edge of suicidal many times. At one point I stabbed myself in my leg, tried cutting my chest and my arm, I even mixed a few percocets in my glassed filled Hennessy. Things got so bad for me to the point where everything caught up to my doings and I became homeless and had to survive in the streets. Because I had a bad reputation of mistreating women, a woman who I use to sleep with sent 3 of her cousins that just got out of jail to kill me (attempted murder). I was chased and even shot at but managed to survive.

                       I've moved out of Philly to Lindenwold, New Jersey trying to start my life over but trouble always found me. One day I remember telling God to change my life and making me the man only He wants me to be, nothing miraculous happen, except I started reading, studying the bible and also going to church. I've stop smoking, drinking, fighting, mistreating women, and hating people and never knew it. With that being said, my life did a 180 degree turn for the best, God changed my life completely. I have a home, a career, I sleep well and I'm free from alcoholism and smoking, I even received a 2nd chance in life and married again to my beautiful wife Jakerra and have a wonderful stepson Amari. I'm a published author of a book entitled "Blood on Paper & Pain", Living In My Pen/Poet and I use my story/poetry to change lives. God has been amazing and believe me when I say, if He did it for me, He can more than do it for you... May His amazing grace show you the path to righteousness, God bless!!


He was a Pimp and I was his Prostitute, we gave it all up for GOD! 

My name is Kiandre, I am born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Not New Mexico.. the REAL Las Vegas and so is my husband Chris. We have been married for a little over a year now. I used to DREAD "the question", that innocent conversation starter.. "Sooooooo, how'd you guys meet?" that question used to make me cringe. Sometimes my response would literally be "it's no romantic story" or just short and sweet like, he saw me walking and pulled over to talk to me" question please... but truth is, he was a Pimp and I was a Prostitute and it was strictly business. He was my pimp and I was his hoe... This is our story.

My husband brought me to The Wynn/Encore Hotel and Casino to visit some family in town. Initially I had anxiety and flash backs of being here. My old life will haunt me sometimes when I go to certain places. Remembering and seeing myself walking through these halls, sitting at these bars, soliciting myself to men for money. My husband encouraged me that I am a new creation that's under the blood. As we walked, I saw an opportunity for a photo shoot "ayee!" So he snapped the picture on the right but when I looked at it, God brought the picture on the left. The picture I had was from a tourist that took it for me while I was "working" in that same casino a year before. And The Holy Spirit said "look what I've done, look at you now, look how far you've come! You are a beautiful and mighty child of God!" and that just broke me down. I mean, I was sitting at the machine crying and people walked by (probably assuming I had lot my rent money to that machine or something), within that moment I saw everything God had done for me so far. You might look at these picture and just see a change in wardrobe but look harder, God turned me around! He changed MY LIFE! I'm no longer that girl searching for my place and yearning to feel appreciated while making my life harder than it needed to be. During stormy times of weaknesses and strengths, I was serving the devil and thinking that "God knew my heart"... I should've been dead so many times. I literally submitted to the will of the Devils plans for my life, I was selling myself to men and buying the affections of Chris with the money I received. He was in the strip clubs almost every night trying to win the attention of other women who were like me, so he could convince them that giving him their money was the best thing they could ever do after selling themselves to men. He was abusive, manipulative, cunning, entitled and the list goes on. Somehow, I was in denial, insecure, depressed and greedy. We both drank heavily, I was addicted to cocaine and the likes. I did it all; escort services, webcam and out of state trips. The only thing I didn't do was strip, wasn't because I didn't try to, but by then I had already had several court convictions for soliciting prostitution and no strip club could hire me in Las Vegas with that on my record. I was addicted to ecstasy, crystal meth and cocaine. My husband was an alcoholic, he was abusive, controlling, manipulative, a player that worshiped the lifestyle and glorified it. We had a love for money that blinded us also, the lifestyle made monsters out of us! I mean really, we thought we were living the life and everyone else was beneath us, the nerve huh? No one could tell us anything, if you weren't "gettn money" like us, we thought you were "lame".

                           After some time, we started recruiting other women to join us and showing other men how to be pimps too. Truth is, we thought this was the only way we could make it and surely, we had nice things that came with the lifestyle. We could afford to shop anywhere we wanted everyday, eat anything we wanted, we lived in luxury homes, droves nice cars, heck, we could pay other peoples bills. As much as we were living the life, for that money I had to see many things that can, memories that was never erased from my past times in hotel rooms, homes and cars of men, now I have nothing to show for any of that today... nothing but bad memories. Everything we had, seemingly slipped right through our fingers as fast as it was placed there. Nothing was ever really ours, we possessed these things but it was all a vapor.  I have felt so much unbearable pain behind living that way. So many times I have caused others pain, wives have called my phone crying and begging me not to see their husbands and I thought it was funny.. now as a wife, I know. 

                               Looking back at our lives now, we have realized how awful we were, how far off, knowing deep down inside we could be different but we couldn't have done it without God and so, we decided to follow Christ. I married an "ex-pimp" and I look at him now and can't believe he ever was, he's so NEW! He loves the Lord and loves His Word. He loves keeping and obeying His demands and he's learning more about Him everyday. My husband Chris is GENTLE, I mean he's a completely different man! And it wasn't because pimpin' wasn't working, he had all he needed... My husband changed because he had an encounter with GOD and it literally changed his LIFE. We are soooo "taboo" as the world would say, LoL "you can't turn a hoe into a housewife" pffffft!! baby the devil is A LIAR, God did it to me! I was on COPS! The "HoHoHo Christmas Special Edition" I was out there not carin' about nothin! Now, I am a submissive wife and follower of Christ who is truly unashamed and in love with the Word of God. I believe with my entire being that God is Real and that He is waiting for us all to choose Him, I chose up! And I have an unbelievably incredible life today, to God Be The Glory!

                        We got saved in December of 2013 and never looked back. We got baptized and married on July 5th 2014, we are faithful church attenders, active members and we now serve in our church at Destiny Christian Center under the leadership of Pastors Robert and Sheila Poole. We love loving the Lord and also loving His people while growing everyday in the knowledge of Christ, this is our new life now, crazy right?  When I share my testimony, I sometimes can't believe that I'm talking about myself. I chuckle that I'm not telling an elaborate story or a movie I saw last Friday but... MY LIFE. I was brought through all that so I could encourage You. You out there going through the same thing or just completely defeated and off the path, YOU... It's never too late. You are never too messed up, God will make a miracle out of you too  because I'm not more special than you.  All you have to do is, be willing, willing to go through the life-long process! It's the best decision you'll ever make, I promise! If He did it for me, He'll do it for you too... just trust Him and He'll come though!! God bless!  ((Feel Free to Post your Comments Below))

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It all started at the age of seven when I found myself attracted to females, I was sneaking around and messing with my friends while playing house. I didn't think much of it, I just thought I would grow out of whatever I was feeling. At the age of 15 I had my first real encounter with a female,  at that time I had a lot  going on in my life and messing around with different girls made me not think about anything that much. At age 16 I started dressing like a boy, it's not that I wanted to be one, it was just comfortable for me and I got more attention from girls. I grew up in Church so I knew it was wrong but I always told God to just wait, don't give up on me, I'm coming back to You. There were so many things going on in my life during that time, I took a leap of faith and moved, I left everything behind. Two months after, I took another leap of faith... one day I was sitting on my sofa and I came across a picture with a few men on it, the picture said, "My future husband is somewhere like this", the men in the photo were all praising God. I liked the picture so much that I saved it on my phone. God then spoke to me and said, "you post everything else on Facebook, why won't you post this?" At that moment, God searched my heart and after that, I didn't want to be the same so I walked away from the lifestyle I was living, two weeks later I got baptized.  I'm now 23 years old, the past five years my soul has been crying Jesus but my mind, body and heart cried lust, depression and suicide. I was looking for love in all the wrong places and after running for five years, I allowed God to change me. 

This may sound a bit cliche'.. but if God did it for me, He can surely do it for you. I truly hope that sharing my testimony will help bring change to someone who might be going through a similar situation. Go to the Throne of grace, seek God and allow Him to direct your path. God bless you! You can also read other testimonies, watch spoken word videos and more on our website by clicking any of the links above.  ((Feel free to place your comments below))



I would like to thank God for working & being ever present in my life, even when I didn't realize it, He was there. For a very long time I thought I was all alone in this world, I can remember it starting at the age of 19, when a friend of mine introduced me to the world of drag & making money on 79th St. which this would continue for 10 yrs of my life. 79th St. is a famous main road for prostitution and drugs in Miami Florida. This is my story... 

                      Shawn of One God United, met up with David and asked him to tell us his story without holding back.

SHAWN: So tell me a little more about your past life, I'd prefer not hearing about the glitters on the surface but real in-depth information about what happened.

DAVID: I'll tell you, people can see me the way they want but God has changed me and is still at work with me. I hope my testimony can help someone else change.

DAVID: I use to be a gay prostitute working the streets at night, getting paid and taking drugs. I started prostituting while I was living with a guy who was in the life and tried to get me in, I refused many time but when I lost my job at a fast food restaurant and needed money, I chose to get in the life of selling myself. I was the new "chick" on the block so a lot of the men was coming to me for sex, it's like being the new fresh chick in a strip club. What I was making in two weeks working in fast food, I would make in one night of prostituting, drugs was also a way of life.  I remember one night I was almost raped by another male who came to the back of a house where I was having sex with another man, the guy came back there and saw us, then the guy I was having sex with took off. This guy grabbed my hand and told me to perform oral sex on him and that he was going to have sex with me. He took out a condom while I was performing oral sex on him, during that time I planned a way to escape. He didn't want to let go of my hand so I told him to put the condom on himself, while he was putting it on I got up and ran. I was so lost & so deep in it that I couldn't see my way out & I thought this would be my destiny for the rest of my life. The drugs I use to be on was crystal meth, I remembered being overdose about 3 times; One time I called 911 on myself thinking I was going to die.

SHAWN: You called 911 on yourself?

DAVID: Yes, I really thought I was going to die, when the cops came, I told them I was just going through some stuff. Another time I was so high I went in the bathroom because I didn't want my auntie to see me like the way I became being high. I went into the bathroom and while on the floor saw a static-like thing behind the shower curtain, almost like a person in silhouette,  when I reach and grab the curtain, a shock went through my body, during that moment I plead to God to take me out of this sin because I hated it and to not let me die, I suddenly went blind for a moment... my auntie who is a minister came and held my arm and started praying, then everything went away. God has saved me so many times...  it was a battle within I wanted to give it up & walk away time after time but I just didn't know how to, and then God showed up again by way of my friend Angel who didn't judge me & who loved me enough to take me in and started taking me to church and although at times I would continue to sneak out of the house when everyone was sleeping to go back to the only life I had known for 10 long years, God NEVER gave up on me, and for that I am forever thankful, now I can proudly say that as of December 2014 He has completely delivered me, I have not been on 79th Street and prostituting in  seven months, I have also been clean.  Although it may not seem long to some of you, for me it is a great milestone for me.

SHAWN: What would you tell others that are going through similar struggles?

DAVID: I know that if He can bring me out after 10 years, he can surely bring you through whatever it is you may be struggling with. Be strong, keep the faith & NEVER give up on Him because he will NEVER give up on you... God is still perfecting me day by day, to Him be the Glory!

SHAWN: Are you looking to get married to a woman in the future and have kids?

DAVID: I am very open to it, my friend use to tell me that I'm going to have a wife and kids someday, I didn't take her serious... now here I am, open to it. Whatever God has for me, if it's in His will then I'm game! 

SHAWN: We should do a video so you can tell it all-all, things that we won't be able to add in the testimonial. A video in which you tell the stories of the extended version of your past life like the sex parties you use to be a part of and more...

DAVID: I'm down for that, I just want people to change their lives too. I am now ministering to my blood sister who is a stripper, would love for her to change.

SHAWN: Wow!! We thank God for you man, may God bless you tremendously!!!

DAVID: Thank you!!!



I remember that night, running through the woods as bullets chased. The bullets coming from the semi-auto making loud chopping noises. I got into a place of hiding and able to call my wife Monique saying... "If I don't make it home, I'm sorry for everything and I love you" Only to hear her say " Whatever, stay with whatever woman you're with, all because she knows I'm an adulterer.  What about the night all I wanted to do was take a life? The night, I hung out a window with 2 glock 19s aiming to kill whom I disliked.
Yea, I remember it well. I remember them shooting back and the back glass of the truck I was in shattering as bullets hit. I remember the next day looking at a bullet hole where my head was.. "How did it miss me?" I remember the feeling cocaine gave me at the age of 16, the buzz I was getting as an alcoholic at the age of 17. I remember doing mollys 3 at a time, drinking lean by the 2 liter. The biggest thing I remember is God stepping in and speaking to me, giving me another chance, and a new identity. 
He delivers! He changed me! My life belongs to Him! 
2nd Corithians 5:17, therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature.

Brotha J 5:17