spoken revolution 2017 - recap

Last Year - Spoken Revolution Weekend 2017 was absolutely Phenomenal!!. There's nothing like having and remembering awesome fun times in an atmosphere with other Christians just like you. Christians traveled into Fort Lauderdale, Florida and had the time of their lives. With a 3 Events - 2 Day concept, the weekend was something to remember. It includes a Spoken Word event on the Friday Night, A Beach Trip on Saturday during the daytime and to finish it off, we hosted an All White Party titled "Heaven On Earth". Many attendees were stunned that we were able to to pull it off, knowing they've never heard of nor experienced anything like it before, and that is what makes One God United different, we step out the norm but still keep Christ in the center of it all.

FRIDAY NIGHT EVENT | NIGHT OF POETRY. This amazing night marked a new beginning in the the way we project our spoken word stage to the audience, our production was done very differently from what the normal poetry event attendees are use to... but you'll have to be there to experience it.  Okay we'll let you in just a bit, we did the very first SIGHT & SOUND Spoken Word concept during Timeless Bradd's set. Sight and Sound is about Poetry and Visuals, along with background sound effects. It's high definition, so you'll feel as if you're watching poetry in Imax. As patrons exited the venue after the show was over, many expressed how they were at the edge of their seats in Timeless Bradd's final piece entitled "Death At The Cross".  You HAVE TO hear this piece live!! Many also hung out after the event to socialize and meet new people and also showed support the vendors.

SATURDAY - DAY EVENT | BEACH TRIP. The Beach trip was absolutely packed with fun and more. It was an event to engage each other in a time of games and more. People were at the Pavillion playing board games and socializing, while the grill was firing up the BBQ. Just a few steps away, folks were having a swim in the ocean or simply getting their feet wet while enjoying the atmosphere under palm trees with the sun gleaming through. Others were Canoeing in the river close by, just steps away. There was a group that just sat under the tree on a bench singing songs of worship as Naida, played her acoustic guitar. Not far off others were having a bast playing Volleyball. The day event was all that and more!

SATURDAY NIGHT EVENT | ALL WHITE PARTY. Our All White Christian Party wasn't anything short of entertaining and fun-filled. As patrons entered the venue, they didn't know what to expect. The atmosphere was well decorated with a concept fitting an atmosphere of celebration and life. The decors definitely brought a wonderful accent to the event. As the patrons continued to roll in, the mood was a bit slow at first because no-one knew what was about to happen. By the kitchen counter area, food and organic exotic mixed virgin drinks were available. When the DJ got on stage and began DJaying, the entire atmosphere changed, it was like day and night, he took them through an arrays of music as attendees danced the whole night! We were inspired just by seeing the joy on faces. The DJ ended the night in worship. People hung out afterwards in the lobby and doing exactly what we were hastagging on our promo ads #MeetNewPeople.      


Our Summer 2017 Spoken Revolution Weekend in Fort Lauderdale, Florida had a lot to offer.. Spoken Word, Beach Trip and an All White Christian Party. Yes, the weekend was a successfully planned out experience, but we prefer to say ADVENTURE! We are anticipating 2 to 3 times the turnout this year in June - Summer 2018, be sure to get your Tickets and reserve your way in as early as you can. 

SPOKEN REVOLUTION WEEKEND / Where Christians from all over meet in the Summer | Fort Lauderdale, Florida 🌴🛫⛵🌞

JUNE 22 - 24 | SUMMER 18