This year, SPOKEN REVOLUTION WEEKEND is set to be the most fun weekend event One God United has ever hosted. We have two days of events ready for your ultimate summer weekend event vacation. Whether it's a full vacation or a staycation, even if it's a getawaycation, the events surrounding the weekend will compliment your bucket list with "an unforgettable experience".

Our last Spoken Revolution attracted over 1,500 attendees from all over, places such as Texas, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Atlanta, Chicago, Ohio, St. Louis, California, Boston, New York City, Connecticut, Philadelphia, North Carolina, The Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Jamaica, London, Brazil and list goes on. This summer we're anticipating as good of a turnout as we did the last event, it is a summer event we're hoping to attract 10,000 or more in the near future, so purchase your Event Ticket(s), Book your Flight, Reserve Hotel, Pack your Bags and meet us in South Florida in June.