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T R A C K S T A R Z   R A D I O  S H O W S

Question, where do you hang out? What type of fun do you have? Who are you hanging out with and why?

Places for Christians to hang hasn't been the most popular pick on the item, we seem to have nowhere to enjoy and get the most out of life being a Christian. So many choices for non-Christians, Night Clubs, Day Parties, Secular Music Conferences, Secular Concerts that are so often, Bars, unfiltered Comedy Shows, Pool Parties, Beach Parties, Private Parties and the list goes on and on. As for us; Movies, Restaurants, Game Nights, Church and Christian/Gospel Concerts that are so rare. We might see a lame "Christian" rapper in Church trying to be the next Christian Drake or Fetty Wap... Pause! Yes, there is a popular secular rapper out there by that name. I think at this point you get the drift, we are very limited with choices or so you may think. Having a grand time doesn't mean we have to do the things the world is doing, all the things mentioned might sound and looks good but there is always a price to pay behind the makeup. The Bible says "There's a way that seems right to a man but at the end of it is death".

For the most part, there are so many great and clean things to do around you that won't make you feel like you're on the wrong side of the street, you just have to explore outside your comfort zone by yourself or with good friends and make sure these are friends you can have a fantastic time with but still hold each other accountable. Life is what you make it and just because you're a Christian doesn't mean the couch and Tv should be your best friends. On an ending note, be very careful of the invitations you accept from non-Christians, many of them are already heading down a road they don't belong which means you have to stick to your standards and know who you're hanging out with. Yes, Jesus sat with sinners but He didn't do the things they did. God bless you, hope you enjoyed reading.