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JUNE 22 - 24

3  D A Y S  /  3  E V E N T S



F O R T   L A U D E R D A L E,  F L O R I D A

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The vibe.

What kinda vibe will you be expecting at Spoken Revolution Weekend?  Well for the most part, The Vibe is just relaxing and letting the cool breeze sing sweet melodies that echoes in the beautiful and sunny tropical atmosphere of South Florida, a place known to many as Paradise. The Vibe is meeting new people from all over the country in the exchange of conversations, within an atmosphere that's light on the mind and easy on the soul. The Vibe is simply a Getaway to your most unforgettable summer Destiny.



On Friday June 22nd, we'll be kicking off Spoken Revolution Weekend with the Night Of Spoken Word. The event is scheduled to host five dope Poets, some of which you've probably have never heard about but nevertheless, trust that we strategically chose the right Poets for the card that evening. We have an amazing lineup of Poets from New York & Florida, as they will be coming together to express their amazing individual talent on Friday, June 22nd. We have something special for you that night. Last year we ended the night with a Sight & Sound Poem from Timeless Bradd, it was a combination of audio and visuals, the patrons loved it! It was something new to experience, this year we'll be doing it again. Our out of the box concepts are a part of the attributes that makes the night of spoken word different in it's own way at Spoken Revolution. We're always striving to bring something fresh to the culture, as we keep our contents one hundred percent Christ centered. The night of June 22nd is destined to be spectacular as it will be the gateway event to the rest of the weekend of festivities we have planned. Food Trucks are scheduled for the night. Be sure to get your Tickets and get ready for something unforgettable in a great way! The venue is located 25 minutes from the host Hotel.    - Friday June, 22nd / Doors open at 7:30pm at Harbour Church - Pompano Beach.


the wave.

The Wave isn't just about going to the beach to enjoy the touch of ocean water as it embraces you with warmth. The Wave is also the good vibe energy from good people you'll interact with at Spoken Revolution Weekend. If you're an introvert or extrovert, this is the place for you. A place filled with good-natured, friendly, affable socializers. The weekend is here for you to explore and leave different, a sense of catching something new and encompassing the beauty of great spiritual personalities.

all white beach party "Heaven On Earth".

If you're wondering what the Beach Party is all about, well we're here to provide you with the information you need. Last year "Heaven On Earth" was an indoor All White Party (all white attire). This is a Christian Party with a Christian DJ on the turntables spinning some of the hottest and latest Christian/Gospel hits you know and love, from Christian Hip-Hop, Reggae, Pop and a hint of Christian Soca. This year, we're taking the "Heaven On Earth" party to the next level. This year the party will be hosted between the beach and inter-coastal on the Island at night under the stars, as the moon's reflection glare on the ocean's surface. We'll have string lights hanging from the trees, you'll also be welcome by an array of tiki torches. If you attended the beach trip last year, sorry we'll not be hosting it this year, this party will not be in the same area by the beach but on the other side of the island. Information will be provided. We reserved a special area in the beach park where we can turn the music up and jam out all night. food and exotic mixed virgin drinks available at no cost. The Beach Party is NOT a beach attire event, such as bikinis. Dresscode: Designer Shorts, Capris or Jeans complimented with a nice Top (not too dressy, not too down). Remember, it's the summer - Look Good, Feel Good. See you in Florida! - Saturday, June 23rd / Party starts at 7:30pm - Midnight at John U. Lloyd Beach State Park.



all white beach party @ JOHN U. LLOYD STATE PARK / 6503 NORTH OCEAN DRIVE - DANIA BEACH, FLORIDA 33004

live soul session @ ART SERVE / 1350 EAST SUNRISE BLVD - SUNRISE, FLORIDA 33304